Emergency First Aid at Work 88, 3-day First Aid at Work 219, 1-day Paediatric First Aid 77 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) ; 3-day First Aid at Work (RQF). HSE-approved courses: 1-day  Emergency First Aid at Work  85, 3-day First Aid at Work  215, 2-day Paediatric First Aid 99.  
	Tel 020 8133 8552. Email: admin@londonfirstaidtraining.com
Tel: 020 8133 8552; Email: admin@londonfirstaidtraining.com
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First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid at Work(1 day)

First Aid at Work(3 days)

CPR/BLS/AEDt(3 hours)

Annual Refresher (3 hours)

Paediatric First Aid (1 day)

Paediatric First Aid (2 days)

Health and Safety

Manual Handling (3 hours)

Moving&Handling People (1 day)

Fire Safety Awareness (3 hours)

Fire Marshal (1 day)

Health&Safety Awareness (3 hours)

Infection Control (3 hours)

Food Hygiene (3 hours)

Social Care

Diabetes Awareness (3 hours)

Epilepsy Awareness and Rescue Medication (1 day)

Medications Administration (3 hours)

Our First Aid courses are fully accredited or regulated by a nationally-recognised Awarding Body.

Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)
Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)
 First Aid at Work (3 days)
First Aid at Work (3 days)
Basic Life Support / CPR / Defibrillator
Basic Life Support/CPR/AED(3 hours)
Paediatric First Aid
Paediatric First Aid(1 day)

We are very thankful and humbled to hear from one of our attendees last year. She wrote to us after her experience where she was able to use the First Aid skills that she learned while attending our Emergency Paediatric First aid course. She gave us an online feedback to "encourage people to learn first aid".

"Recently I was involved in the London terror attack ...
my fight or flight kicked in on the scene.
Luckily my fight won and I first aided people with confidence.
Even in shock I was able to assist. This could not have been
possible without london first aid ...
your method of teaching is fantastic,
you make us repeat our methods over and over again . The correct way!
I am very grateful for your teachings.
You helped me be strong on march 22nd and for that I am so grateful."
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